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Plastic Surgery Options for Men in Virginia Beach

More and more men are turning to plastic surgery to feel better, look younger and help with their careers. Whether they are beginning to see the effects of aging, or are simply self-conscious about a particular aspect of their face or body, men are opting for cosmetic surgery as a solution for remaining competitive in both their business and personal lives.

According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, men had more than 750,000 cosmetic procedures in 2013. Since 1997, the number of procedures undergone by men has increased by nearly 90 percent.

Ben Hugo Plastic Surgery offers men several options, from simple skin care to Botox®, Sculptra®, injectable fillers and CoolSculpting®. The most common cosmetic surgery procedures among men currently are:


Since the composition of a man's body is so different from a woman's, the goal of a particular surgery may also be quite different.

The male body tends to store fat in different areas than a woman's body, and signs of aging will show themselves in distinct ways, so we tailor procedures to fit the specific needs of the male body. We will approach your individual goals with personal attention and help you make an informed decision about the procedure that is right for you.

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