As a woman who three years ago avoided looking in a mirror, I want to thank you profusely for restoring a more youthful, softer, and natural me. You possess excellent artistic abilities combined with superior surgical skills, and I have learned to value your advice about conservative procedures to achieve the results I desire.

Three years ago, when I was 66 years of age, you performed a lower face and neck lift. You and your entire staff were marvelous from the time I first arrived for my initial consultation through the post-operative care phase. I continue to be amazed at the outstanding results you achieved, particularly when I look back on my “before pictures.” Acquaintances who did not know I had the surgery would say things like, “Retirement really agrees with you. You look 15 years younger now.”

Since then, I consult with you once a year and plan how you can improve the texture and clarity of my sun-damaged skin as well as utilize fillers very conservatively to minimize some wrinkles but retain a natural look. What impresses me most are the results you have been able to achieve to eradicate those unsightly brown spots on my face, neck, and chest by using your Fractional CO2 laser. Recently you performed that procedure on a more aggressive level than I underwent two years ago. The results two years ago were quite good, but this time, the results were exceptional. The slightly longer “down time” was more than worth the even, clearer appearance of my skin. I can actually feel confident being seen without any makeup now, something I have not done since I was a young girl.

Please feel free to use this letter as a testimonial on your website. Any woman who chooses you as her plastic surgeon will be in very capable and caring hands. As the wife of a very meticulous retired neurosurgeon, I think I am a very good judge.

Thank you again.