How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon

Select Someone Who Shares Your Vision in Virginia Beach

When it comes to choosing a plastic surgeon, Virginia Beach residents have a lot of options. Because of the range of choices available, it is not just possible, but incredibly important to select one who works well with you—who will answer your questions and listen to you.

At Ben Hugo Plastic Surgery, we emphasize openness and communication, encouraging our patients to learn all they can about their procedure of choice and the surgeon qualified to perform it.

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Check Their Credentials

A qualified plastic surgeon will be just that: a surgeon. This means that a relevant medical degree from an accredited institution, followed by training in the specialty, is essential—but also a bare minimum. Reputable surgeons generally make their CVs easily accessible, so prospective patients can read about their degree, residencies, and internships; their memberships in professional organizations and respected boards; their hospital affiliations and academic appointments, if any; their certifications; and their publications and presentations.

Read Their Reviews

The Internet has made it possible for patients to easily share their stories and opinions of the results they received from a particular plastic surgeon. There are a variety of online venues that collect reviews, and prospective patients should read them—though with a critical eye. Note the proportion of negative reviews (there will likely always be a few) to positive ones. Also, pay attention to what the patients compliment, including the ultimate results of a procedure, the personality and helpfulness of other team members, the doctor’s general manner, the ease of scheduling an appointment or follow-up care, expectations vs. reality, and more.

Look at Before-and-After Photos

One of the best ways you can get an idea of a plastic surgeon’s abilities and techniques is to browse his or her before-and-after photo gallery. No reputable surgeon will claim to be able to exactly duplicate the pictured results, but you will be able to get a general idea of how your procedure of choice could impact your body. If you like what you see on other patients, you will likely like what you see once it’s done on your own body.

Schedule an In-Person Visit

Everything mentioned above is important, but perhaps most vital to a successful outcome is your relationship with your plastic surgeon. Everything might look good on paper, but for some reason, you simply don’t click. Since this is your body and you will be living with the results, you should be absolutely sure that you trust your surgeon. Come in for a consultation and be open about your goals and direct with your questions. A surgeon who is right for you will treat you with compassion, forthrightness, and dignity. You should never feel pressured into making any decisions. Be sure your potential surgeon answers all of your questions to your satisfaction, and make your decision from there.

The team at Ben Hugo Plastic Surgery knows that once you find your plastic surgeon, you will maximize your enjoyment of the process—and your results.

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