Mini Facelift Virginia Beach

The idea behind a facelift is to remove excess skin of the cheeks and neck that is loose and sagging. The mini facelift in Virginia Beach is essentially an abbreviated cheeks and neck lift involving less extensive surgery and quicker recovery than traditional facelift surgery.

At your consultation, Dr. Hugo will evaluate your face and neck, your priorities and expectations. He will explain the selection of an appropriate facelift procedure for your individual needs with the aim of achieving soft, balanced and natural-looking results.

Before & After

Ben Hugo Plastic Surgery‘s before-and-after pictures of real patients.

The mini facelift procedure is most commonly performed under local anesthesia with oral medications for sedation and analgesia. As in traditional facelift surgery, the incisions for a mini facelift are placed in the natural creases in front of the ear and behind the earlobe, but the incisions are shorter. A smaller area of skin is lifted, and there is limited tightening of the tissues underlying the skin and the muscles of the face and neck.


Typically, there is a reduction in the amount and extent of bruising and puffiness with a mini facelift due to small incisions. Activity is restricted until after the sutures are removed at seven days following surgery. Patients are often comfortable applying camouflage makeup and sunscreen and returning to work eight to 10 days after surgery.


On the right person, mini facelift results are often excellent—these are frequently younger people or those who have mild or moderate loose skin, especially in the neck. When selected carefully, these good candidates are usually delighted with their results.