This was completely amazing. I’ve been wanting to get this done for 2-3 years and I finally just did it! I got the large applicaiton done on my lower stomach. At first they were afraid it wouldn’t fit so they had me sit, push my stomach out and lean forward and they were able to fit it. I weigh 120 and i’ve always been so thin with a stomach pouch. I sat there for an hour and watched tv. No pain during the procedure. I was so nervous for the sucking, but it was nothing. I was laughing during a lot of the procedure thinking about how easy this was and how nervous I was. Once she took it off I had the giant stick of butter on my stomach that she massaged – such a strange feeling. The next two nights I just felt numb there. Maybe a week later I started feeling intense pain. I took asprin but that was a joke. I also didn’t tell anyone that I had it done so I had to pretend that I was just sore from working out. But it was bad. I didn’t regret it, but it was very painful. This lasted 3 or 4 days. Wearing a corset helped (I actually wore two corsets). But that pain eventually went away. It has been a month now and the numbness has mostly worn off. After the pain for a few days I honestly forgot I had the procedure. I saw no change. BUT in the past few days I’ve seen a huge change. I can sit and my stomach stays in! When i’m standing my stomach looks completely flat! I can’t wait to post my pics when I go back in for my checkup on the 19th. I already feel so comfortable. I used to want to die if i had to wear a bikini, and now i’m just wishing it was summer.