I began researching cosmetic surgery, and surgeons, about two years before I heard Dr. Hugo speak at an Expo. I had already interviewed two surgeons, but just didn’t have that “comfort level” I felt as soon as I heard Dr. Hugo’s presentation. Within minutes of my first appointment with Dr. Hugo, his genuinely honest, open appraisal of what “work” I needed, and his attention to detail, convinced me that he was the surgeon I could totally trust.

Today, post-surgery, and several maintenance procedures later, I still have that total comfort level, and even more so. His knowledge, surgical skill, and expertise, coupled with his attention to detail, are evident from the results of my surgery! I still look like me, but about 15 years younger!! That tired-looking face is no longer in my mirror. Just a happy me, who looks outside like I still feel inside. I am pleased and comforted by Dr. Hugo’s availability to always answer any of my questions or concerns. It is very evident that he really cares about his patients “after the surgery.” His entire staff is truly amazing! Not only are they nice, friendly, and informative, but very discrete and professional.

I am retiring and moving, but plan to come back regularly for my “maintenance visits” and any other procedures I might need. I highly recommend Dr. Hugo to everyone who has ever felt, as I did, the trepidation of cosmetic surgery. He will calm your worries, and you will look and feel better. No doubts, no concerns. Sincerely,