What more could a patient ask for …

Maureen and Diane: You were always such friendly voices on the other end of the phone and never seemed rushed whenever I called looking for someone to answer a question or to schedule (or reschedule, as was often the case with me) appointments.

The amount of time that you spent with me prior to surgery and the comprehensiveness of the pre-op info was incredible. I left that day with all my information neatly and professionally packaged and did not have one single question left unanswered. I could not have been any better prepared. Pat: Your incredibly calm and gentle manner as you were getting me ready to “go to sleep” and as I was “waking up” was very reassuring. I was never left alone for even a minute.

When you weren’t lasering me or dubbing me the “Fraxel Queen,” you were on the other end of the phone confidently and reassuringly answering all my questions.

You really do deserve much of the credit for my smooth recovery. For once in my life, I did everything I was told to do and didn’t attempt to “push the envelope.” Since you had just been through the same surgery yourself, I never once questioned your instructions to go home, get in bed, remain quiet and calm, and stay off the computer. You also reassured me that the boredom would not kill me. Dr. Hugo: What can I say? Surgical + artistic skill = a very happy patient. Thank you! The extensive amount of time that you spent discussing all the various options and helping me to develop a plan and realistic expectations was invaluable. Once it was made, I never once doubted, nor was ever anxious about my decision. I knew I was in the right hands. In this age of “Wal-Mart medicine,” it’s refreshing to find a physician that still believes in the importance of and ultimate value in assembling a top-notch team to provide individualized and high quality care.