Nothing Speaks Like Experience

The decision to have cosmetic surgery should be made only after considering many other factors, as well. You will want to make sure you choose a Board-Certified surgeon with the training, skill, and experience in the procedure you are considering. Your surgeon should inform you of your options and alternatives, along with his recommendations of the procedure that will best meet your expectations.

Dr. Hugo and his staff at his cosmetic surgery center in Virginia Beach are committed to helping patients experience top-quality care in a safe, professional, and comfortable setting. Your personal needs are addressed with the highest quality care and state of art techniques, and always with complete confidentiality.

Known for achieving results that look completely natural looking, Dr. Hugo acknowledges that the greatest reward he witnesses in his practice is the vast number of his patients who return time and again for different procedures. These patients have unquestionable trust in Dr. Hugo and his advice and surgical skills.

Our mission is to provide you with personalized care specific to your own goals.

We thank you for visiting our Web site and invite you to call our office at (757) 496-4801 or Request a Consultation.

Actual Patient Testimonials:
“Over several years I have found Dr. Hugo & staff to be considerate, helpful and professional. They are thorough & take great pride in providing excellent service. We are fortunate to have Dr. Hugo and his team of professionals in the Hampton Roads area.”

“I would recommend to anyone considering a cosmetic procedure to definitely consult with Dr. Hugo before any decision is made to move forward.”

“I really loved Dr. Hugo’s honesty and realistic approach. I have had 2 other consultations and I don’t feel either were as upfront and honest about the procedure results or expectations.”

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