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VeinWave in Virginia Beach

VeinWave, available in Virginia Beach from Ben Hugo Plastic Surgery, is an easy and effective treatment for bothersome spider veins, small capillaries and small red spots on the face, nose, neck and chest.

This radiofrequency device is FDA-cleared for treatment of spider veins and fine thread veins known as telangiectasia, and is proven safer, more predictable and more comfortable than laser and light-based systems (IPL).

VeinWave offers unprecedented advantages:

  • Simple, affordable, gentle, quick
  • No anesthesia, relatively painless
  • Instant results
  • No post-procedure care or downtime-you can return to normal activity
  • Minimal side effects (temporary pinkness and puffiness, occasional “cat-scratch” appearance with tiny crusts or scabs for a few days)
  • For all skin types, even tanned or pigmented skin

One treatment session usually removes most facial spider veins and telangiectasia. Additional VeinWave treatment sessions may be required for areas not cleared or removed at the first session. New spider veins or telangiectasia may appear close to the treated areas months or years later.

To find out if VeinWave is right for you, request a consultation by calling us today at (757) 496-4801.
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