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Liposuction Before & After - Case 18

Before - note pre-existing skin laxity
Liposuction Before & After - Case 18 Frontal Before
8 months After - note skin tightening
Liposuction Before & After - Case 18 Frontal After


Age : 48
Surgeon : Ben Hugo MD
Procedure : Smartlipo to thighs

This 48 year old clinician from Virginia Beach cane to us for liposuction to her saddlebags and inner thighs.  She basically wanted to look smaller in clothing and said she was not too concerened about cellulite and loose skin on her thighs.

Dr. Hugo suggested SmartLipo laser liposuction which has the advantage of tightening the skin and tissues while removing the fat.  8 months after the procedure she is thrilled with her slimming, improved contours and the tightening achieved with SmartLipo.

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